Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!                                 
                                                                 My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
                     And off they went, from here to there,     
                                                             The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

September 28th - October 4th

Verily it was that during the dark times of the Troll Attacks that the fandom of The Wench and The Kingslayer did come together and decree that there should be merriment throughout the fandom. And lo a council was commissioned and together they did produce the idea that a week long celebration should take place to admire the ugly sow and annoying princess AS WELL as admiring the fruits of their subject’s labors.

Therefore, after tireless trials the Week of Jaime & Brienne Appreciation was formed as thus;

Sept 28 - Moment you fell in love…
Sept 29 - One Quote
Sept 30 - Favorite Symbolism
Oct 1 - One Scene
Oct 2 - One AU
Oct 3 - Favorite thought one has about the other
Oct 4 - Wild Card - whatever you want

Allow the fruits of your desires to be that what you wish! Be it the written word, the artistic stroke, the musical stylings of various artists. All will be welcomed.

And follow this blog for updates including the tags and collections to which you shall send these products on various sites.

GOOD DAY TO YE`, and may the 7 bless ye` in all your endeavors . 

(Banner by Tyrllion)


(Disclaimer these aren’t my pictures)

But c’mon these are just so cute!


drowning in brienne feelings at 2:30am


drowning in brienne feelings at 2:30am

Gwendoline Christie attends the GILES show during London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 on September 15, 2014 in London, England.


Aemon Targaryen and his lover I really don’t know how to call her, sorry
"We could spend all night trading tales of lost loves."

Inspired by S04E09

Wolves and women wed for life. You take one, that’s a marriage. The wolf is part of you from that day on, and you’re part of him. Both of you will change.

" I do not know your son, My Lady… but I could serve you if you would have me. You have courage. Not battle courage, perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage. And I think that when the time comes, you will not hold me back. Promise me that you will not hold me back from Stannis.”